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EMOCEAN Magazine
Issue 02—Rage

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Emocean is an everyperson surf magazine that champions diverse perspectives, radical creativity, relatability, empowerment, and especially the narratives of women, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ surfers.

Rochelle Ballard
Moana Wong
Jodie Barsby
Wrenna Delgado
Locals: Rocinha
Imane Signate
Bruce Mathys
Bodyboard Pioneers
Justin Valdes

Ming Nomchong

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Where does your mind go when it wanders to paradise? In her debut book, PACIFIC, photographer Ming Nomchong traces the contours of her personal journey in search of it. Vivid pages of photography, collage, and printmaking are supported by prose and poetry by the talented Kathryn Lyster. Readers are beckoned to make sense of their own ideas of paradise, warped through the prism of memory and time. A spellbinding work of art.

Delivery late Jan 2022

Hardcover, 208 Pages, 22.3 x 29 cm
Edition of 500

Stefano Pedrini

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BUIOBUIO is a series that evokes the inner workings of one’s imaginative movements. Intentional, yet what one could perceive as subconsciously produced; the figures, formations and gestural movements indicate a sense of emotively natural and intuitive flow. Each piece within the work tells a story unto itself, and once compiled, begin to intricately compliment each other, frame after frame.

Printed in Australia
Edition of 100
21h x 14.8w cm

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